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Antur (also known as Sagan f, and CelWP PK1 f) is the fifth and largest planet around the G-type star Sagan.

CreatorPlanetkid32 (MrSpace43)
Release dateJune 20, 2020
Creation dateJune 13, 2020
Release number7
Sagan f, CelWP PK1 f
Orbital characteristics
6.71 AU
18.0236 years
Known satellites3
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
64503.0135106 km
Mass132.978 Earth Masses
17.9427 hours

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A diagram of the Antur system as of 6/26/2020 (Click for full size image)
Antur is a turbulent gas giant like Jupiter, with clouds divided into zones and belts, however it lacks any large storms. Antur is a dark blue-gray color, and is surrounded by a system of rings and 3 rocky moons (Osonia, Tanulia, and Kulao), none of which, are habitable. Antur is between the size of Saturn and Jupiter, with a radius of 64503.0135106 km (about 10 times bigger than Earth). Antur has an axial tilt of 18.141673 degrees and a day that lasts 17.9427 hours long.