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Auwedosz with max auto magnitude at 45 degrees
Proper nameAuwedosz (Auwei and Ordosz), CelWP T7
GalaxyTriangulum Galaxy
Distance2814314.93733 light years from Earth
Spectral typeT4V+T8V
Age3.2566 Gyr + 3.2561 Gyr
Mass0.0386 MSol + 0.0308 MSol

Auwedosz, also known as CelWP T7, is a wide binary star system in the large cluster surrounding The Evolutionary Cross. It consists of two brown dwarves, Auwei and Ordosz.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Auwedosz is a wide binary with an average separation between the primary and the secondary being almost 6,000 AU. The system itself is made up of two T-type brown dwarfs, Auwei and Ordosz, which are spectral type T4 and T8 respectively. Auwei has 2 planets, while Ordosz is not known to have planets.

Planetary system[edit | edit source]

The planetary system here is as follows:


  • Enisolg: A cool, tidally locked ocean planet. It has multicellular marine life and is the capital of the NEU.
  • Nirz: A tiny mini-neptune-ice giant-type planet, with 1 moon, Atmera.
    • Atmera: A mars-like moon of Nirz.

Ordosz (Nothing lol)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name Auwedosz is just a combination of Auwei and Ordosz, the constituent brown dwarfs of this system.

This system is only 10.9 lightyears from Tolenis, another CelWP star (CelWP T5). It's also only 3.4 lightyears from Xirilia, a sub-brown-dwarf made by fyr02.

This system was added in Release 6.