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Bora and its disk
Absolute m-10.066
Spectral typeWN11h
Age1.7 million years
Mass124 solar masses
Radius108.22 solar radii
Temperature24350 K
Planetswhat? ofc not!

Bora, also known as Erois, Bora-1, or CelWP M7, is a Wolf-Rayet star and one of the four central stars of the Bora Molecular Cloud Complex, along with the massive trinary Ronel. Currently, Bora is not officially under the control of any particular nation, but the Kyran Confederacy has some influence over it. It has an M-series designation of M7, and was added in Release 8 by The Minmus Derp.

Physical Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Bora is a young hydrogen-rich and extremely luminous (just under 3.7 million solar luminosities) Wolf-Rayet star on the nitrogen sequence of 124 solar masses. It has a mean temperature of 24,350 K and is exceedingly violent, commonly hosting single outbursts rivaling the entire luminosity of smaller stars like Regar. Bora has lost around 21% of its initial mass, being around 157 solar masses, and will continue to lose mass at an increasing rate as it moves off the WNh stage and expands to become an LBV. Some Kyran and Valoran corporations are harvesting this material, and there are growing tensions between these corporations. Large irregular pulsations have already been observed, indicating that its core is preparing for fusing helium into carbon and heavier elements. The Federation of the Bora MCC is keeping a close watch on this star and they all plan to collaborate in a giant starlifting project. The same will apply to the even more massive star system Ronel.

Bora is somewhat isolated from inhabited systems, but the closest system is Ronel, at 4.2534 ly away, which is similarly massive. Three relatively well-used transport lanes stem from Bora to Valorus, the massive trinary Ronel, and Komeru, along with a fourth mostly dormant lane leading away to the distant hypergiant star Casalis.

History[edit | edit source]

Bora formed in a particularly massive clump of the Bora Molecular Cloud Complex, weighing approximatey 160 solar masses. APOSIS data showed that the star has a large dust disk and had remarkable variability, but was otherwise an average big Wolf-Rayet star. When the first transit lane from Komeru to Bora was stabilized, they found that the massive disk contained a huge amount of rare resources, so lots of mining expeditions were immediately sent to the star. It is currently under dispute between the Kyran Confederacy and the Valoran Union.