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Distos with part of its disk showing
GalaxyEqien's Object
Distance654.31 kpc from Earth
Absolute m2.47
Spectral typesdO7
Age9.332 byr
Mass~0.5 Solar Masses
Radius~0.35 Solar Radii
Temperature38,000 K

Distos is a blue subdwarf star in Eqien's Galaxy with a disk. It is currently under the control of the Union of Erelai-Kimea, within the State of Erelai.


Distos, also known as CelWP M3 or ING 1312, is the oldest star in the Distos Stellar Association, a tightly packed group of stars within Eqien's Object mostly controlled by the Union of Erelai-Kimea. It is a blue subdwarf at roughly 9 billion years old, and is currently cooling to a standard white dwarf.


Distos, although it has no planets, has a vast disk extending from ~0.01 AU to ~16.739 AU. This disk is primarily composed of silicate rock and iron, and may form second-generation planets in the near future. It is currently being heavily mined by the UEK, and has a fairly large temporary population. Most large asteroids have been colonized, with the system's capital being Koronoios Station, bound to asteroid Spathi.

A large starlifting assembly is currently under construction.

Development notes

Minmus originally created Distos as a stupid anomalous intergalactic planet with negative mass, but in a later release he changed it to an ordinary blue subdwarf.