Eqien's Galaxy

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Eqien's Galaxy
Eqien's Galaxy, with Triangulum in the background.
Observation data
Right ascension 01h 57m 15.22s
Declination+32° 23′ 01.55″
Distance2135154.924 ly
Group or clusterLocal Group (satellite of Triangulum)
Absolute magnitude (V)-11
Number of stars46 million
Size3,000 ly (radius)
Other designations
Eqien's Object, CelWP-G M1

Eqien's Galaxy is a dwarf irregular satellite of Triangulum, with many strange anomalies and species. It is 6440 light-years across, containing approximately 46 million stars and many nebulae with active stellar formation. At the galaxy's centre is a black hole, Eqien's Wrath.

Unlike some irregular galaxies, Eqien's Galaxy has a rate of star formation comparable to many galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda, save for its slightly low metallicity.

Notable Objects[edit | edit source]

  • The Alaru Cluster, with the quasi-star Alaru, the abandoned base at Wezeren, and many other interesting things.
  • The Distos Cluster, with many interesting stars such as Distos, Kimea, Vellerar, and others.
  • The Dream Nebula, a beautiful nebula with many objects like Nuskuris, Daharrus, and the hot Wolf-Rayet star Birling.
  • The Amethyst Nebula, a small pink Stromgen Sphere surrounding the Be star Adamion. It is located close to the Dream Nebula.

Globular Clusters[edit | edit source]

Eqien's Object has four globular clusters, one of which is close to the center of the galaxy. These globular clusters are mostly dead, and not much is known about them.