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Fasoreus on May 30th, 2020
Release dateApril 11th, 2020
Creation dateApril 8th, 2020
Release number2
Arssuk c, MOL 13 c, CelWP F6 c
Orbital characteristics
Periastron2.55038 AU
Apoastron2.59670 AU
2.57354 AU
3.935526 yr
Inclination0.6 degrees
~90 degrees
Known satellites1 (Derana)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
31047 km
Mass49.5 Earth Masses
Temperature219 K

Fasoreus, also known as Arssuk c, MOL 13 c, or CelWP F6 c, is the second and outermost planet orbiting the F-type main sequence star Arssuk. Fasoreus is a gas giant around half the mass of Saturn and was added in Release 2.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A close-up of Fasoreus and its rings.

Fasoreus is a quiet gas giant, lacking the large storms, bands, and contrast of other gas giants. Fasoreus is a pale powder blue color, and is orbited by a set of rings and one moon, Derana. Fasoreus is in the habitable zone of its star, however it lacks any habitable moon that could host life. Fasoreus is around 50 Earth masses, or around half of Saturn's mass and three times that of Neptune. Fasoreus's radius is around 30,000 km, or larger than Neptune and approximately half the size of Saturn and Jupiter.

History[edit | edit source]

During the March of Liberation, the Kapaldians visited the Arssuk system and stopped their warp drive to survey the system. The group performed distant observations of Fasoreus along with a flyby of the system's inner planet, Jesulon, but otherwise did not do any more detailed surveillance of the system. After the March of Liberation concluded, the system was given the designation MOL 13 in order to commemorate systems that were visited during the March of Liberation. Since then, the occasional cargo route or transport ship may pass through the system, but for its proximity to other inhabited systems Fasoreus and the rest of the Arssuk system has stayed relatively untouched by civilization.