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Jesulon from KLTF ship Jaatrah-2.
Release dateApril 11th, 2020
Creation dateApril 8th, 2020
Release number2
Arssuk b, MOL 13 b, CelWP F6 b
Orbital characteristics
Periastron0.09560 AU
Apoastron0.12880 AU
0.11220 AU
0.035732 yr (13.04 d)
Inclination0.8 degrees
~90 degrees
Known satellitesnone
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
3406 km
Mass0.032 Earth Masses
Temperature1088 K

Jesulon, also known as Arssuk b, MOL 13 b, or CelWP F6 b, is the first and innermost orbiting the F-type main sequence star Arssuk. Jesulon is a small, hot, and rocky planet similar to Mercury and was added in Release 2.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Jesulon is small and hot mercurian planet. Due to its small size and proximity to Arssuk, Jesulon lacks any moons and is barren, pockmarked with cracks, folds and craters. Jesulon is a uniform neutral gray color, or slightly bluish, lacking any contrastive albedo features. Jesulon, with a mass of just 0.03 Earth masses and a radius of around 3500 kilometers, is far smaller than Earth and orbits far interior to the habitable zone, making it unlikely to be a terraforming candidate planet.

History[edit | edit source]

During the March of Liberation, the Kapaldians visited the Arssuk system and stopped their warp drive to survey the system. The group performed a flyby of Jesulon and distant observations of Fasoreus, the outer Arssuk planet, but otherwise did not do any more detailed surveillance of the system; much of the known information about Jesulon was collected during the flyby of the small planet. After the March of Liberation concluded, the system was given the designation MOL 13 in order to commemorate systems that were visited during the March of Liberation. Since then, the occasional cargo route or transport ship may pass through the system, but for its proximity to other inhabited systems Jesulon and the rest of the Arssuk system has stayed relatively untouched by civilization.