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Lacrimosa, the most massive star in the CelWP.
GalaxyTriangulum Galaxy
Distance2825528.38009 ly
Absolute m-8.1685
Spectral typeWN8h
Age1 million years
Mass258 MSun
Radius78 RSun

Lacrimosa is an exceedingly bright Wolf-Rayet star that is as of Release 15 both the most massive and most luminous star in CelWP, at 258 solar masses and 9.4 million solar luminosities. It is surrounded by a nebula and it hosts a singular planet.


The Lacrimosa Nebula, a wind nebula surrounding the star.

Lacrimosa is surrounded by both a bow shock and a wind/reflection nebula. Its bow shock does not point to the center of Triangulum, giving a hint to its orbit around the galactic center in the halo, as there are not enough gases to influence it (other than the nebula, which is also wind-based). It also doesn't have a single nearby stellar neighbour at the moment, however there is a nearby rogue planet in the vicinity.

Planetary system

Lacrimosa has a single planet named Damonari. Its a heavily blasted planet with a lot of absorving material, with temperatures soaring to extremely high levels due to the extremely low albedo. The substance, nicknamed Damonarium, is thought to have high melting points, but subsurface oceans of it are confirmed to exist under the surface, with heavy but dark volcanic activity occuring all over the surface.