List of most massive CelWP stars

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This is a list of the most massive stars in CelWP. There are too many.

Lacrimosa, the most massive star in the CelWP.


The Most Massive CelWP stars
Star CelWP designation Spectral Type Mass (Solar Masses)
Lacrimosa CelWP G5 WN5h 258
Almui CelWP G110 O0 Ib 240*
Arais CelWP G43 O1 Ia 205*
Birena CelWP T51 O0V 191.4528
Tuck CelWP G48 A O1 IV 185*
Pld CelWP G48 B O1 IV 160*
Aperine CelWP T37 A WN5h 148.20964
Araguaia CelWP G121 O3 Ib 136*
Kad CelWP G61 O2 III 130*
Bora CelWP M7 WN11h 124
Vigmir CelWP G24 O1 Ib (O1V) 120*
Moelle CelWP G51 B0 0 115*
Peril CelWP M49 O2V 94*
Oskinova CelWP T47 WN6h 89.0844
Inetiart CelWP T37 Ba WN6h 76.17035
Edroqul (VAR C) CelWP M27 B1 Ia 70*
Matsuura CelWP T30 A M2 0 62.154
Osaka CelWP G22 A WN5(h)w ~56
Nakashima CelWP T30 B M1 0 55.413
Genderen CelWP T48 LBV 55.279042
Hiufugau CelWP G125 O7 Ia 55*
Dodon CelWP G60 A WC7 50*
Tovera CelWP T27 O5 IV 49.41068
Eiseru CelWP T37 Bb O4Vf 49.35795
Oashgo CelWP G93 B4 Ia 48*
Alspi CelWP G15 O4Ve 46.215
Siuh CelWP G89 G6 0 44*
Chidu CelWP G36 G4 0 42*
Wangdao CelWP G33 M3 0 41*
Rorga CelWP T2 O6V 39.64