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This is a list of systems created by nussun.


There are currently no finished systems.


N1: Xilith, a Delta Scuti variable A4V main-sequence star. Has an L-type Brown dwarf in orbit (Adexia)

N2: Hot binary with Wolf-rayet (Reyor) and Blue giant (Ardem)

N3: Altari, G8V main-sequence

N4: Binary with a White dwarf (Vodar) and a Red dwarf (Lorach)

N5: Trinary with RSG (Lydra), OSG (Rynis), and YHG (Lorcer)


N6: Atanu, K1V main-sequence

Osburu - 153,326 km - Silicolean
Ravalia - 18,708 km - Thalassic
Vorkima - 44,088 km - Ammonian
Sayathe - 22,462 km - Phlegethean
Ryncer - 105,742 km - Neonean

N-N1: The Phoenix Nebula, Emission Nebula containting Rillis and 4 other stars. 202 light years in diameter.

N7: Rillis, F0IV subgiant in a nebula

Veria - 65,516 km - Tholian
Anvoir - 101,786 km - Borean

N8-N12 are also in the Phoenix Nebula

N8: Redezia, B7Ia0 extremely luminous blue variable exceeding 20 million Lsol and 1,000 Rsol

N9: Cerath, O9VI subdwarf

N10: Zemoru, Mira-variable star

Velea - 21,778 km - Hot super-earth
Lorria - 17,212 km - Scorched Venus-like super-earth

N11: Crather, bigger Mira-variable

N12: Binary with Red dwarf (Aldor) and Y-type Brown dwarf (Eldith)

N13: Vorus, Class II Young Stellar Object

N14: Arqua, G0II (varies between F2II-G8II) W Virginis-variable star

Envor - 2,736 km
Verriso - 7,801 km
Rudan - 4,582 km

N15: Keritan, M0Ib TZO with a Yellow giant (Lertia) and T-type Brown dwarf (Unton) in orbit

Planets (Around Unton):
Kerveon - 87,682 km - Ice Giant