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Celestia Worldbuilding Project

This is the wiki for the Celestia Worldbuilding Project, a worldbuilding project in the Triangulum Galaxy using the free and open-source space simulator Celestia, inspired by similar projects such as the Collaborative Worldbuilding Project. The idea is simple: Make up a system any way you want, and flesh it out to the maximum extent possible. This includes planets, species, stars, asteroids, and so on. We currently have 181 articles, and you can contribute more!

The thread for the project on the Celestia Forum is here; we also have a channel on the Celestia Discord server as well as on the CWP server. CelWP downloads can be found here.


The Triangulum Galaxy article is a good place to start exploring CelWP, as is the CelWP Systems navbox linked there. The following pages may also be useful in navigating the wiki: