Marcaide Cluster

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Marcaide Cluster
The Marcaide Cluster from Euryale. Note the heavy reddening, due to dust in the Raincloud Nebula, and intervening dust clouds between Euryale and the cluster.
Observation data
Distance2.818 Mly from Earth
24,288 ly from Euryale
Physical characteristics
Radius~15 ly
Estimated age4-6 Myr
Notable featuresWithin a nebula
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The Marcaide Cluster is a dense cluster of very massive and bright stars located inside the Raincloud Nebula. It contains notable star systems such as Migatte, which contains Goku (the brightest star in the galaxy); Marcaide, a yellow hypergiant-yellow-giant-blue main sequence star system; the Vorik system, a trinary system which contains Sander, a highly evolved oxygen-sequence Wolf-Rayet star (also named after Andreas Sander, an astronomer); Viftis, a very bright O-type main-sequence-star contact binary; and many others.

The Marcaide Cluster.


This cluster is around 4-6 million years old, but some stars, such as Birena, are much younger, at around 0.6 million years old. Guandalini is an exception, as it is around 2 billion years old, and it just happens to be in this cluster, but Sander and Sahade have captured it into a distant orbit.

The Marcaide Nebula

The Raincloud Nebula conceals a small yellowish nebula called the Marcaide Nebula. It is mostly gas ionised by the solar winds of the stars in the Marcaide Cluster, but some of it is also the ejected gas from powerful solar winds, especially the ones from the Marcaide System.


Only 3 stars in this cluster have planets. They are Guandalini, Goku and Oumlin. Goku has a planet known as Gohan, which is a gas giant. Oumlin's planet is known as Thuland, and is a neptune-like planet with rings and square storms on its poles. Guandalini has two gas giant planets.

List of stars

Star Class Luminosity (LSol) Spectral type
Goku White hypergiant 25300000 F0 0
Oskinova Wolf-Rayet star 4966000 WN6h
Genderen Luminous blue variable 3124000 B2 0 (LBV)
Birena O-type star 1704000 O0V (Also O0 0)
Jiren Red supergiant 1412000 M1 0
Arroyo Orange supergiant 1002000 K0 0
Matsuura Red supergiant 655300 M2 0
Sahade Wolf-Rayet star 462500 WC4
Tovera Blue subgiant 426000 O5 IV
Viftis A Blue MS star 385700 O4V
Nakashima Red supergiant 383400 M1 Ia
Viftis B Blue MS star 284900 O5V
Sander Wolf-Rayet star 216000 WO4
Torres Yellow supergiant 197700 G8 Ib
Chiavassa Blue MS star 169400 O7V
Guandalini Carbon Star 102100 C9 III (Really just M3 Ibe)
Oumlin Be star 20890 B3Ve

Note: The luminosities are bolometric