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Noroa, with Burran in the background
Rorga b, CelWP T2 b
Orbital characteristics
214.32 AU
~498.7 years
Inclination-0.4749306 degrees
Known satellitesCurrently 3 (Relis, Vastri, Kirimo)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
108690 km
Mass~10.6 Jupiter masses (~3368 earth masses)
Temperature754 K

Noroa, also known as Rorga b or CelWP T2 b, is an extremely massive gas giant orbiting the main-sequence O6V star Rorga, and is currently the only planet known to orbit Rorga. Noroa was added in Release 6, and was the first planet Trolligi112477-ww made in CelWP.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Noroa is a massive young super-Jupiter around 10.6 times the mass of Jupiter, or around 3370 times the mass of Earth. Similar to Fasoreus, Noroa is very calm for its young age and high-temperature, lacking oval storms and large banding patterns, with mildly intense weather, such as medium sized slowly rotating storms and brown and orange jet streams and bands. It exhibits an intense magnetic field and anomalous aurorae, which are only visible as a pink haze near the poles at high phase angles.

Moons[edit | edit source]

Noroa currently has 3 identified moons. They are:

  • Relis, also known as the yam. It is a pinkish asteroid orbiting very close to Noroa.
  • Vastri, a mauve, relatively porous, hot, rocky moon. It is strangely not tidally locked to Noroa.
  • Kirino, a smoother, tanner and cooler version of Vastri.