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A family montage of the system.
Proper nameAscor/Pagalan
GalaxyTriangulum Galaxy
Distance2825861.648 ly
Absolute m14.8+15.7
Spectral typeDZ8+M6V
Mass0.2 MSun+0.2 MSun
Radius0.008 RSun+0.1 RSun

Onmar is a cataclysmic variable binary star system of the DQ Herculis type. It is the host of a small system of three planets, Gehrels, Khait, and Parchione. It consists of a rare white dwarf pulsar named Ascor and a red dwarf companion named Pagalan, which orbit each other every 6 hours at a separation of 855,000 km. Being the nearest pulsar to Caloris, it has attracted a significant amount of interest from astronomers due to the system's exotic nature.