Pisces Dwarf

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Pisces Dwarf
The Pisces Dwarf galaxy.
Observation data
Right ascension 01h 03m 56.6s
Declination+21° 53′ 41″
Distance2.022 Mly (620 kpc)
Group or clusterLocal Group (satellite of Triangulum)
Absolute magnitude (V)-7.96
Number of stars350,000
Size326.2 ly (radius)
Other designations
LGS 3, PGC 3792

The Pisces Dwarf galaxy, also known as LGS 3, is a small satellite galaxy of Triangulum. It is a dwarf spheroidal or dwarf irregular galaxy 326 light-years in radius, with about 350,000 stars. There is little current star formation, and most stars in the central region of this galaxy are old red stars; however, there are nebulae and young star clusters on the edges of the galaxy, including the Pisces Molecular Cloud Complex. As of the present day, the galaxy is ruled by the Esserian Empire, a reclusive nation with little to no relations with the nations of Triangulum, Endurance, and Eqien's Object.

Notable objects

The Pisces Dwarf galaxy in Celestia.