Pisces Dwarf

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Pisces Dwarf
LGS 3 ubv.jpg
The Pisces Dwarf galaxy.
Observation data
Right ascension 01h 03m 56.6s
Declination+21° 53′ 41″
Distance2.022 Mly (620 kpc)
Group or clusterLocal Group (satellite of Triangulum)
Absolute magnitude (V)-7.96
Number of stars350,000
Size326.2 ly (radius)
Other designations
LGS 3, PGC 3792

The Pisces Dwarf galaxy, also known as LGS 3, is a small satellite galaxy of Triangulum. It is a dwarf spheroidal or dwarf irregular galaxy 326 light-years in radius, with about 350,000 stars. There is little current star formation, and most stars in this galaxy are old red stars; however, there are some nebulae and young star clusters on the edges of the galaxy. As of the present day, the galaxy is ruled by the Esserian Empire, a reclusive nation with little to no relations with the nations of Triangulum, Endurance, and Eqien's Object.

Notable objects[edit | edit source]

The Pisces Dwarf galaxy in Celestia.
  • The Vesstra system, home of the Esserians.
  • Anything else...?