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Quorol from PafP-1 probe sent from Estoque (unreleased).
Release dateJuly 19th, 2020
Creation dateJuly 12th(?)-15th(?), 2020
Release number9
Paflaolus b A, CelWP P2 b A
Orbital characteristics
Periastron77347 km
Apoastron77347 km
77347 km
2.371623526 d
Inclination0 degrees
Known satellitesNorba (binary companion)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
7804.357 km
Mass1.865 Earth Masses

Quorol is a blue Venus-like planet which is part of a binary Venus-like planet system around the star Paflaolus. The binary companion of Quorol is the more Venus coloured Norba, with its rings.

Quorol's mass is around 1.865x Earth's mass.

Physical Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Quorol is the main object in the Quorol-Norba pair around the star Paflaolus, having 0.390 more Earth masses than Norba and having a roughly 500km larger radius. Its surface is similar to Norba's, rocky, possibly volcanoes, and the atmosphere is a thick, CO2 rich atmosphere that covers the entire planet in light-blue clouds.

Orbit and rotation[edit | edit source]

  • Barycenter orbital period: 0.38124536 y
    • Barycenter eccentricity: 0.0340
    • Barycenter inclination: 1.12 degrees
    • Barycenter ascending node: 263 degrees
    • Barycenter argument of pericenter: 167 degrees
    • Barycenter mean anomaly: 93.054 degrees
    • Quorol orbital period (around Norba): 2.371623526 d
      • Quorol rotational period: 2.371623526 d (tidally locked)

History[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon (After Norba's history)[edit | edit source]