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Rezomida from Regario-2 on June 26th, 2020
Release dateJune 6th, 2020
Creation dateJune 4th, 2020
Release number6
Regar d, MOL 2 d, CelWP F4 d
Orbital characteristics
Periastron1.47473 AU
Apoastron1.71299 AU
1.59386 AU
1.593857 yr
Inclination96.22 degrees
146.694 degrees
256.09 degrees
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
21647 km
Mass8.07 Earth Masses
Temperature199 K

Rezomida, also known as Regar d, MOL 2 d or CelWP F4 d, is a warm Neptunian-type planet orbiting the G-type main sequence star Regar. Out of the three planets that orbit Regar, Rezomida is the farthest from its star. Rezomida is around nine times the mass of Earth and was added in Release 6.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Rezomida is a warm Neptunian planet orbiting in the outer region of Regar's habitable zone around eight times the mass of Earth and slightly smaller than Neptune. Its surface displays large banded color variation, with pale blue and orange-yellow bands criss-crossing Rezomida's upper clouds. Despite the large color variation and banding, Rezomida's clouds are relatively calm, with minimal storms, although lots of convection does occur. The orange-yellow bands are believed to be caused by the presence of ices and volatiles; how Rezomida is able to keep these compounds at such a high temperature is unknown. Rezomida is not known to possess any large moons; it is believed the lack of moons in the Regar system is due to the close proximity of the planets' orbits, as any moons that would have formed would have quickly been disrupted by gravitational interactions between Rezomida and its interior neighbor, Alezia.

History[edit | edit source]

In order to stay out of the forces monitoring Kapaldia during the March of Liberation, the Kapaldians exited their home planet bound for Tonero while on the far side of Rizikon relative to the positioning of the Eurak forces. Incidentally the Regar system was directly in the travel path of the Kapaldian rebel forces; a vote took place in which the Armed Travel Board voted 21-4 to stop at Regar, primarily because of a higher-than-expected resource consumption rate and the fact that the mission science committee had determined that there was an 81% chance for Alezia, a 42% chance for Rezomida, and a 29% chance for Vaga of being in the habitable zone of Regar. Rezomida turned out to be in the habitable zone but ended up being too big to be a terrestrial planet; brief surveying and research was conducted for Vaga and Rezomida, including the deployment of the Regario-2 probe, particularly to see if Rezomida hosted a large, habitable moon; none was found and most of the Kapaldians' attention was focused on Alezia, which turned out to be in the habitable zone and was a prime resource restocking location. After the March of Liberation concluded, the system was given the designation MOL 2 in order to commemorate systems that were visited during the March of Liberation.