Romano's Star

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Romano's Star
View of Romano's Star with surrounding dust.
  •  01h 35m 09.7011265200s
  • +30° 41′ 57.173367187″
Distance2,832,000 ly
(22,817 ly from the galactic
center; 5,830 ly from Thillis)
Other designationsGR 290, M33 V532, CelWP S2
Apparent m18.04 (3.86 from Thillis)
Absolute m-7.4
Spectral typeOfpe/WN9
Age~4 Myr
Mass~26 Msol
Radius~48 Rsol
Temperature~29,000 K

Romano's Star is a Wolf-Rayet star and a luminous blue variable in the outer regions of Triangulum. Its temperature varies from 33,000 K at minimum brightness to 23,500 K at maximum brightness, and its radius varies from 22.5 Rsol at minimum to 61 Rsol at maximum. Romano's Star likely started as a 60 Msol main-sequence star, experienced a brief LBV stage, and is now losing the last of its hydrogen before becoming an ordinary Wolf-Rayet star.

Location of Romano's Star (below center, circled).

Romano's Star has no planets, as is usually the case for extremely massive stars. There are also no nearby inhabited systems, and Romano's Star remains untouched by civilization.

Development notes

This star was missing from Luke's Triangulum Galaxy stc file, and is also the only star in Triangulum with a RL name, so I decided to make a texture and ssc effects for it and add it to CelWP. Credit goes to Gurren Lagann, nussun, and LukeCEL for the models and textures I modified to make this, and Trolligi112477-ww for the WR 2 addon that inspired parts of it.