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Location of in (circled)
Distance~23000 lightyears from Euryale, ~38000 lightyears from Candacia, 375.04 lightyears from Proxa, ~1773 lightyears from Samilia, ~2795000 lightyears from Earth
Spectral typeWN5h+WN6h+O4Vf
Age2-4 million years
Mass~273.7 solar masses in total

The Ronel System, or just Ronel, is an extremely massive spectroscopic trinary located in the centre of the Bora Molecular Cloud Complex. It is made up of stars Aperine, Inetiart and Eiseru, which are all more massive than Rorga. Aperine and Inetiart are both wolf-rayet stars, while Eiseru is still on the main sequence. In around 500000 years Eiseru will also become a wolf-rayet star. The system is around 3 million years old, give or take a million years. It forms part of the Bora Supercluster, along with Bora and several other very massive stars.

It was added in Release 9, and is also known as CelWP T37.



The Ronel System is noteworthy as it is extremely small a system for a trinary with stars this massive. As a result, Inetiart and Eiseru have a separation that is merely four Inetiart radii, and the pair completes an orbit every 6.85 sidereal earth days. The separation between Aperine and Inetiart-Eiseru is only around 3.47 AU, and because of the very big masses involved, the larger binary (made up of Aperine and the barycentre between Inetiart and Eiseru) takes a mere 143.1 sidereal earth days to complete a full orbit.


Out of the three stars, Aperine is the most massive. It weighs a whopping ~148.2 solar masses, exceptionally large for any kind of star (it is the second most massive star in CelWP, after Birena (As of Release 13), which weighs around 190 solar masses). As a result, it is already a Wolf-Rayet star and it (along with Inetiart) has blown a bubble nebula, the Greater Virus Nebula. Aperine's initial mass was around 175 solar masses, and it is also the largest of the three stars, being around 30 times the size of the sun.

Inetiart is the second most massive (~76.2 solar masses) and is also a Wolf-Rayet star. Its initial mass was around 100 solar masses.

Eiseru is the least massive star and is an evolved O-type star (O4Vf) and is around 49.4 solar masses in mass. It is the smallest of the three stars, and its initial mass was around 53 solar masses.