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Taminar, imaged by the Kyran diplomatic spacecraft Home-7
Named after
keyboard mash
Famal b, Tya b, Olganai b, CelWP M10 b, WI 239451 b
Orbital characteristics
5.2143 AU
8.592 years
Inclinationits the reference plane, so obviously 0
Satellite ofFamal
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius
Mass1.3 earth masses
Temperature212 K
Surface pressure
5.44 atm
22 km
Composition by volumesimilar to Earth's
Taminar, also known as Famal b, Tya b, Olganai b, CelWP M10 b, or WI 239451 b is an ocean world, and the capital of the Corak-Famal United Republic. Taminar is the only planet orbiting Famal, and is around 1.3 times the mass of Earth. It was added in Release 9.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Taminar is an ocean world with roughly 1.3 earth masses. It is populated by an intelligent species called the Telpa, and is one of the capitals of the Corak-Famal United Republic. Taminar is often compared to the distant planet of Alezia, but Taminar is both smaller and has a much thinner atmosphere. However, they are both in the habitable zone of their stars. The planet's oceans are composed entirely of water, with traces of salt, acetic acid, and other impurities. The Taminaran atmosphere is roughly five times thicker than Earth's, and has a similar composition. Although the planet has no moons, a thin set of rings orbits it, possibly caused by tidal disruption of a small moon.

Rings[edit | edit source]

Taminar has a large but relatively thin set of rings, composed mainly of silicates. These were formed by the recent tidal disruption of a small asteroid moon. ---

Life[edit | edit source]


History[edit | edit source]