The Clash of Light and Darkness

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M33 X-7
The high-mass X-ray binary system M33 X-7, also known as The Clash of Light and Darkness.
  •  01h 33m 34.13s
  • +30° 32′ 11.3″
Distance2,815,049 ly
(6,764 ly from the galactic center)
Other designationsThe Clash of Light and Darkness, M33 X-7, 2E 408, CelWP S1, CelWP M17
M33 X-7 A
Apparent mN/A
Spectral typeX
Mass15.65 Msol
Radius46 km
M33 X-7 B
Apparent m18.76 (AbsMag -5.92)
Spectral typeO7-8III
Mass70 Msol
Period3.45301 d
a axis0.197 AU
Inclination74.6° (plane-of-sky)

The Clash of Light and Darkness, also known as M33 X-7, is a black hole binary system and the most massive such system known in Triangulum, with a total combined mass of 85.7 solar masses. The system consists of a stellar-mass black hole and a companion O-type giant star, which orbit each other with a period of 3.45 days. Due to the mass of the companion star, it will eventually collapse into a black hole as well, creating a binary black hole system. There is one planet in this system, Koraltho. It is quite hot, and has no known moons.

Development notes[edit | edit source]

SevenSpheres originally added this system into CelWP as a separate download between Release 1 and 2, based on Luke's stc for it. The Minmus Derp then gave it its proper name in Release 10. Credit goes to Vision and Cham for the ssc effects used, and nussun for her star texture generator that was used to make the texture for the blue giant star.