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Urna as imaged by SNWR Probe-9691
Orbital characteristics
Known satellites1 (Oiren)
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
41334.653453 km
Mass47.5974534 Earth Masses
1.31037 days
Temperature-260.0162 C

Urna, or CelWP T8, is a rogue super-neptune, with an atmosphere composition similar to that of Uranus, which gives it its cyan hue. It has extensive rings, and one known moon, Oiren. Urna is very close to being thermalised but its hot core is keeping it from doing that. Urna's atmosphere is mostly comprised of hydrogen, helium, methane and nitrogen and was added in Release 6.

Urna was visited in the Strange New Worlds: Rogue mission by a small group of relatively slow solar sails.

Moon[edit | edit source]

Oiren is Urna's sole known moon. It is probably a captured comet, considering its stupidly long orbit. Oiren's orbit has a semi-major axis of around 176 AU, with a staggering orbital period of 196,000 years on average.