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Yanhua is a quadruple system, consisting of the close binary Laurel and Alexell,[1] the black hole Bukal, and the distant giant star Moniko.

Planets around Laurel-Alexell:

Development notes

This system was created by Gurren Lagann in Release 8 as a community system, for anyone to contribute to. Each planet represents a CelWP contributor. The nearby star M33SSS J013344.91+304745.9 was named Moniko and added as a fourth component of the system by The Minmus Derp in Release 18.


  1. Named after Chris Laurel, the original creator of Celestia, and Alexell, a major Celestia contributor from 2016-2018 who revived the software's development.
  2. Named after CelWP contributor nussun.

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