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A recently captured, heavily darkened image of Zon
GalaxyTriangulum Galaxy
  • 23h 29m 56.94s
  • 30h 34m 41.90s
Distance2816066.97 ly
Other designationsCelWP P3
Absolute m6.63
Spectral typeK4V
Mass0.61483041691332 M☉
Radius0.629025442 R☉
Temperature4790 K
Rotation13.9925 days
PlanetsBaeros, Gyanascra, Purranos, Alrassa, Barrain

Zon, also known as CelWP P3, is a lone K4V star near Triangulum's core region. Zon is orbited by five planets. These planets are Baeros, Gyanascra, Purranos, Alrassa, and Barrain.

Physical Characteristics

Zon is a K-type main sequence star that was created 6.186 billion years ago in a now dispersed nebula. Zon is located near M33's central region, and its planetary system is comprised of five planets, four of which are rocky and icy planets. The outermost three planets are extremely interesting. They are all icy Callisto-like sub-Earths with inclined and eccentric orbits, suggesting that they are somewhat gravitationally unstable. Gyanascra happens to be a massive super-Jupiter, which would easily explain the orbital instability of the outer three planets. Additionally, it would explain the complete lack of any kind of object near Gyanascra's orbital region, whether it be asteroid, comet, planet, or dwarf planet.




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